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Google Updates 2011

  • Post published on 26 Feb 2013 by Marta Gryszko

Here’s the list of Google Updates in 2011. The table contains information about the date, kind of update and link to details about it. I focused on Panda’s but I’m going to look for more data about updates later.

date name details
24.02.2011 Panda Update 1 (only USA)
11.04.2011 Panda Update 2 (only English queries)
10.05.2011 Panda Update 3
16.06.2011 Panda Update 4
23.07.2011 Panda Update 5
12.08.2011 Panda Update 6
28.09.2011 Panda Update 7
5.10.2011 Panda Update 8
18.11.2011 Panda Update 9

You can also check Google Updates in 2012.

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