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[Prima Aprilis] Google’s planning to count offline mentions in its algorithm

  • Post published on 01 Apr 2015 by Marta Gryszko

Prima Aprilis 😉

Well, that’s interesting. During one of the latest Google+ Hangouts, John Mueller said it’s possible that Google will introduce a new ranking factor into its algorithm – offline mentions found on the Streev View. Barry Schwartz was the first to publish this information right after the meeting.

John didn’t want to tell us any details on this topic. He only said this type of advertising is treated differently than links in sponsored ads which shouldn’t influence Google rankings. In the case of website addresses found during shooting photos for the Street View in Google Maps, Google finds it a kind of promotion that proves a serious approach to the bussiness.

“It is possible that we may consider taking into account the website addresses that are displayed on the Street View. Although the links in sponsored articles or other kinds of online ads should have a nofollow attribute in order not to be counted, this kind of promotion is what we want to value in our rankings.”

You can view the whole conversation on YouTube.

I’ve searched for some examples of billboards with website addresses in my city and here are some of them:
If any of you happens to know more details about it, I’ll appreciate your comment. It’s really a kind of news I find revolutionary and I think we should take a close look in that.

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