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How to find sites with high Trust Rank (TR)

  • Post published on 28 Feb 2013 by Marta Gryszko

Google estimates the value of the website by looking at its backlinks, as well as its content… but let’s focus on BL this time. The most valuable websites are those that were given a high grade by Google Search Quality Raters. Thus we have some kind of seeds that are really trusted sites, and those that are really spammy. As the strategy of link building should be focused on getting high quality backlinks, we look for such high quality seeds.

Unfortunately, the ony data we have from Google is TPR (Toolbar Page Rank), not TR (Trust Rank). What can help us in finding trusted sites are SEO tools such as OSE and Ahrefs that check the websites authority (Domain and Page Authority in OSE and URL and Domain Authority in Ahrefs) based on their own criteria. There’s also Majestic SEO with its Citation and Trust Flow. All of them let us know whether the website can have high value for Google and has natural link profile.

It’s usually hard or even impossible to get backlinks from the most trusted seeds. However, you should know that you don’t need to get links from the 1st level (let’s call it the most valuable websites), as the link juice and the trust rank is passed to pages they link to – of course with less power. For example, if a uniwersity website links to some educational website, the second one also can pass you lots of trust. That’s why you should look for websites on the 2nd level, which meand the sites that are linked to from the seeds on 1st level.
And then we have Bing with its linkfromdomain command. It’ll show us all sites that are linked from the choosen domain. For example, if we check for links from, we can find less demanding websites that will agree for linking to us. This way we can get closer to the most trusted seeds.

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