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My own SEO ranking factors

  • Post published on 18.09.2014 (12:54) by Marta Gryszko

Search Metrics has prepared its SEO Ranking Factors based on the results of their study. They analyzed which factors are common for websites that are found in top 30 in and created an infographic that visualizes those ranking factors which correlate* the most with high ranking and those which don’t tend to be so important. I bet most of you have already read their report, thus I’ll focus on what I think are the most important ranking factors. Read the rest »

Link Detox – How to recognize toxic links?

  • Post published on 08.08.2013 (07:20) by Marta Gryszko

Toxic linksAlthough for many months the topic of Google penalties has been discussed, all the time new persons appear who ask – how can I know which links have been considered unnatural? Unfortunately Google is no help, because, in spite of several promises of Google employees, we still do not get their examples in the notification in GWT. Read the rest »

The most BLACK and WHITE link building strategies

  • Post published on 26.06.2013 (22:25) by Marta Gryszko

black-white-hatThis month I organised a contest on my Polish blog and asked others to write 3 most black and most white link building strategies they know about. I got 18 answers and below are lists of the most popular ones. Read the rest »

25 facts about unnatural links penalty

  • Post published on 15.05.2013 (11:11) by Marta Gryszko

Unnatural links penalties were known long time ago, even though Google oficially said it’s hard to harm any website with backlinks. In my opinion backlinks are the last thing that should have a negative impact on our rankings… but since Google has different approach to this subject, and unnatural links penalties have been quite common for the last year, I wanted to sum up the most important information about it. Read the rest »

SEO In 2013 – What Does A Safe Anchor Text Profile Look Like? [guest post]

  • Post published on 26.03.2013 (12:21) by John Vlasakakis

With the current buzz around the SEO world about the next Google Penguin update which Matt Cutts has mentioned will be one the most talked about updates in 2013. A lot of SEO specialists have asked what an anchor text profile should like. Below is a tried and tested anchor text profile which is safe not only for this next Penguin Update but for all other updates to come. Read the rest »

Which links are relevant to Google

  • Post published on 20.03.2013 (09:06) by Marta Gryszko

During one of the last-year meetings with John Mueller, it was clarified which links are followed by Google, and which are ignored. Below is the scheme presented during the hangout along with a short summary.
linki-google.png Read the rest »