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[Prima Aprilis] Google’s planning to count offline mentions in its algorithm

  • Post published on 01.04.2015 (00:05) by Marta Gryszko

Prima Aprilis 😉

Well, that’s interesting. During one of the latest Google+ Hangouts, John Mueller said it’s possible that Google will introduce a new ranking factor into its algorithm – offline mentions found on the Streev View. Barry Schwartz was the first to publish this information right after the meeting.
barry Read the rest »

SEO Heroes on Search Marketing Day 2013

  • Post published on 28.06.2013 (09:54) by Marta Gryszko

SEO Heroes - Search Marketing Day 2013Yesterday I took part in SEO Heroes on Search Marketing Day that took place in Poznań (Poland). I used streaming online as I wasn’t able to get there this time and I’m really happy I had such an opportunity. I’d like to write about my 3 favourite presentations. Read the rest »

25 facts about unnatural links penalty

  • Post published on 15.05.2013 (11:11) by Marta Gryszko

Unnatural links penalties were known long time ago, even though Google oficially said it’s hard to harm any website with backlinks. In my opinion backlinks are the last thing that should have a negative impact on our rankings… but since Google has different approach to this subject, and unnatural links penalties have been quite common for the last year, I wanted to sum up the most important information about it. Read the rest »

Google Updates 2013

  • Post published on 16.03.2013 (21:38) by Marta Gryszko

Below you can find the list of most popular Google updates in 2013. You can also check the list of updates in 2011 and 2012. Read the rest »

SEO hangouts with John Mueller

  • Post published on 26.02.2013 (12:22) by Marta Gryszko

2012 was a year when Google opened itselft to improving communication with webmasters. Even though there were lots of Google updates that resulted in huge fluctuations in rankings and some websites were punished for backlinks etc., at least we know where’s the problem as Google started sending more messages in GWT than before. What’s even more important, we have the possibility to talk to one of Googlers – John Mueller – who helps us know better Google rules 😉
John Mueller while SEO hangouts Read the rest »

Google Updates 2012

  • Post published on 26.02.2013 (11:47) by Marta Gryszko

I’ve already published the list of Google Updates in 2011 and now it’s time for 2012. These data should help you if you can’t deal with Google penalties as in some cases, problems with websites will result from Google Updates (so called algorithmic actions). Read the rest »

Google Updates 2011

  • Post published on 26.02.2013 (11:16) by Marta Gryszko

Here’s the list of Google Updates in 2011. The table contains information about the date, kind of update and link to details about it. I focused on Panda’s but I’m going to look for more data about updates later. Read the rest »