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My own SEO ranking factors

  • Post published on 18.09.2014 (12:54) by Marta Gryszko

Search Metrics has prepared its SEO Ranking Factors based on the results of their study. They analyzed which factors are common for websites that are found in top 30 in and created an infographic that visualizes those ranking factors which correlate* the most with high ranking and those which don’t tend to be so important. I bet most of you have already read their report, thus I’ll focus on what I think are the most important ranking factors. Read the rest »

Can links from noindexed pages harm your website?

  • Post published on 26.02.2013 (15:16) by Marta Gryszko

I’d like to share an interesting case with you. It resulted from a stupid mistake and I was a bit surprised when I saw this:
penalty Read the rest »