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Privacy Policy

Key terms:

  • Service – internet website, the main website and all pages;
  • User/ Users – every visitor on the site

By using this Service you accept the following Privacy Policy.

General terms and conditions

1. The personal data of the Service Users shall not be sold or made available to third parties by the Service administration.

2. Upon registration, joining the mailing list or commencing any other activities connected with using the Service, the User freely submits his/her name and email address. Only the data necessary for the Service operating is required.

3. All data submitted by the User during the registration process, account editing and mailing list submission (e.g. submitted in order to download e-books and other materials available within this Service) may be used for:

  • contacting the administrator;
  • sending out unannounced messages: system information, site modification information, promotions and contests, commercial and non-commercial materials;
  • statistical analysis

4. Data supplied by the User when completing questionnaires or participating in contests may be used for:

  • contacting the administrator;
  • statistical analysis;
  • sending out information regarding completed questionnaires and contests.

5. Data supplied by the User when posting comments and using the Service’s contact form may be used for:

  • contacting the administrator.

6. Data supplied by the User upon subscription to notifications of new posts in forum threads may be used for:

  • automated notifications about new posts.

7. The Service uses the Double Opt-in option upon User’s registration and subscription to the mailing list. Double Opt-in requires the account to be activated by clicking on a link sent in an activation email. This eliminates the chance of abuse where somebody submits somebody else’s email address without their knowledge and against their will.

8. Disclosure of the User’s personal data may take place in the following circumstances:

  • by decision of an authority authorised by law to do so,
  • to protect the rights of the Service.

Technical Issues

  1. The Service collects information contained in the system logs (connection date and time, IP address, etc.). This data is used for technical, statistical and marketing purposes.
  2. The Service collects data used by Google Analytics (input source, the content of search queries, navigation). This data is used for statistical purposes.
  3. The Service uses “cookies” – small text files stored on the user’s computer server and used for log-in purposes. Cookies contain unique user’s ID, operating system data, type of browser etc. Cookies do not contain personal data and are not sufficient for personal identification purposes.
  4. In is necessary for cookies to be accepted by a browser and not removed from the computer disc.
  5. The Service may collect demographic and profiling data (age, education, place of residence, interests etc.) submitted upon registration. This data may be used to assess Users’ preference and for statistical analysis.

Final Provisions

1. The User can access, edit and remove his/her personal data by:

  • clicking on a link contained in a message – in order to remove his/her data from the mailing list;
  • logging into his/her Service account – in order to edit his/her personal data;
  • using the Service contact form – in order to remove his/her account from the Service or to access/edit personal data on the mailing list;
  • managing subscription to a forum thread – in order to deactivate notifications of new posts.

2. Confidentiality Policy may be modified at any time. Users are bound by the current version until a new one is published.

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