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[PDF+XLS] Make money on SEO audits

ikonaDo you already perform SEO audits for your clients? Or maybe you’re just looking for some instructions on how to do it and need an audit template to use it at work?

Regardless of your answer, I have something for you. I’ve just finished my PDF ebook (38 pages) with the checklist of over 100 ranking factors. There’s a detailed instruction on how to analyse each of those factors and in what cases you should recommend the change to the website owner. I also attach XLS files with 8 tables (below you can see the sample), plus SEO audit template in a DOC file.
Audit table sample
You can download the sample chapter here.

The first subscribers can order my ebook for $20.00.

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You can use the XLS and DOC files for commercial needs to perform audits for your clients, except from showing all or parts on those files in public, ie. during the workshops or conferences.

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