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SEO hangouts with John Mueller

  • Post published on 26 Feb 2013 by Marta Gryszko

2012 was a year when Google opened itselft to improving communication with webmasters. Even though there were lots of Google updates that resulted in huge fluctuations in rankings and some websites were punished for backlinks etc., at least we know where’s the problem as Google started sending more messages in GWT than before. What’s even more important, we have the possibility to talk to one of Googlers – John Mueller – who helps us know better Google rules 😉
John Mueller while SEO hangouts
And so we can talk to John while hangouts on Google+. If you want to know about the meeting earlier, just add him to your circles and you’ll get notifications about it. You don’t need to attend it to know what people were talking about as hangouts are recorded and then available on YouTube.

It’s also possible to add question to Moderator Google, as John Mueller answers both to questions given by participants, and those published by others before the hangout. You just need to select the date of HO and publish your questions. Others can vote for it, and so can you.

The next hangout is planned for Friday, 1-th March.

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