SEO Heroes - Search Marketing Day 2013Yesterday I took part in SEO Heroes on Search Marketing Day that took place in PoznaΕ„ (Poland). I used streaming online as I wasn’t able to get there this time and I’m really happy I had such an opportunity. I’d like to write about my 3 favourite presentations.

1. Konstantin Kanin – “Introducing your product to Yandex – key SEO issues”

Konstantin KaninKonstantin told us the most important facts about It’s a regional search engine so there’s no way to get high rankings globally. He showed us the tool that compares search results in different regions – it’s essential to choose the best possible region to focus on and to conduct a detail keyword analysis, especially if SEO for Russian website is done by a company from another country. It’s always have to be a native speaker that translates the keywords and the offer, as only such a person knows vocabulary that is used in Russia. What surprised me the most (I have no experience in Yandex, so it’s new for me) was Yandex’s approach to buying links – if a website buys ads and links for a long time, it means it’s serious about it’s business so it’s something that should be awarded, not punished (contrary to Google’s approach to this subject).

2. Dominik Wojcik – “A Case Study, how to get rank fast with a new Domain and Index 1 Million Pages!”

Dominik WojcikDominik was talking with a real passion about how he took a challenge from his friend who told him to index a new website with 1 million pages. At first, he decided not to use any of open CMS such as WordPress etc., but instead to write his own script. He also chose a nice paid theme so that his website didn’t look… cheap πŸ˜‰ In order to make it more trusted, he used Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, taking care of the lowest BR possible – he used a trick that didn’t allow anyone to use the “Back” button in browsers (that’s not the only trick he mentioned about). Thinking about how to create so many oages, and then to successfully index them, Dominik decided to use subdomains and sub-subdomains for website with scrapped content. Getting backlinks wasn’t very time-consuming – he used 301 from 120 expired, strong domains. Then he created a widget with a link to his website, that lots of webmaster used. This way he indexed 1 million pages in over a dozen weeks. Nice resutls, aren’t they? πŸ˜‰

3. Ralph Tegtmeier – “How Cloaking 3.0 Dominates the Search Engines Like Gangbusters”

ralph-tegtmeierRalph’s presentation was the most black one πŸ˜‰ what you can see in the title. He described different kinds of cloaking and focused on telling us how his cloaking campaigns look like. There’s a website A which is 100% pure – nor black hat on-page, neither off-page strategies. There’s also a website B that is a clone of website A. Both websites should have nothing in common, apart from the same content but there’s no duplicate content penalty as website B will never be indexed. Ralph generates hundreds of shadow domains well-optimised for the most important keyword, and redirect them to the clone of his client’s website. Even though rankings of website A stay the same, a client earns a lot on the other domain.

In summary, it was interesting to listen to experienced specialists, especially because of different approach to SEO. Even while the discussion panel some speakers couldn’t agree on some topics what resulted in the rise in temperature of conversation. There were a lot of interesting theories that are worth testing so it was really a nice portion of knowledge.