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SEO Myths – part 1

  • Post published on 11.04.2015 (20:54) by Marta Gryszko

This time I decided to discuss three SEO Myths that like to be repeated among us. Some of them are rather new but one has been around for a few years and this will be the one I’m gonna start with. I hope you’ll like it and comment on my article. Read the rest »

7 SEO tests results

  • Post published on 07.08.2013 (13:22) by Marta Gryszko

I’ve just published a presentation with the resuts of 7 tests. I’ve checked in what situations the first link counts rule applies, and when it doesn’t. Also there’s the information about which tags Google ignores in the image link and what happens when you forget to set up the title of the page and leave it blank. Read the rest »

Exceptions from the first link counts rule

  • Post published on 27.02.2013 (15:09) by Marta Gryszko

Most of us should now what the first link counts rule means. If the page A has more that 1 link to page B, Google counts only the first one and only its anchor text influences the rankings of page B. But do you know what are exceptions of this rule? Is it possible to make Google count anchor texts from 2 or 3 links from page A to page B? Read the rest »