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Practical approach to on-site and off-site SEO – rank tracking tool presentation

  • Post published on 30 Jul 2013 by Marta Gryszko

Today I’d like to present a new international rank tracking tool that has been available in Poland since 2011 but was created for private needs long time before. lets you track your SERPs positions online, track or ignore local results in Google and alerts you about significant drops in rankings, number of pages indexed in Google and every change of PR. Wanna know more? homepage
It’s really hard to write down each option that has so I think it’ll be the best if I show you some screen shots from the panel.


On the dashborad you will see:
condition of your websites that depends on the number of keywords that jumped and dropped, compared to the total number of keywords that you monitor for this website;
Websites condition
alerts about drops in rankings, Google index and changes in Google PR – this way you can react fast in case of a Google penalty;
Alerts details
task list – you can add a task for specified website or all of them, ie. finding new link opportunities or on-site actions;
Task list
– latest posts from knowledge base – you can find all posts on SeoStation blog.
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Rank tracker

While adding a new website, you can choose it’s name, assign it to the specified group (ie. company websites, clients websites), choose location and a client which you can give the access to his free subaccount.
Adding new website in
You can also use advanced settings for tracking Google rankings, such as checking or ignoring local results and the possibility to force location where the rankings will be tracked. If finds your results in Google maps, it will show “M” icon next to the result in the table. It will also show “P” icon if it finds a subpage instead of home page.
Advanced Google settings in
Results found in Google maps
The last thing is how the charts look like. Apart from historic data about your rankings, you can additionally display this data for number of pages indexed in Google, PR changes, number of backlinks and referring domains (data from Majestic SEO). What’s more, we store the dates of Google updates so you can also see the line on the chart with the details below it (in this case it’s the informatiom about Panda Update 26). ranking chart
To see more, sign up on and feel free to ask anything you need in the comments below.

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