black-white-hatThis month I organised a contest on my Polish blog and asked others to write 3 most black and most white link building strategies they know about. I got 18 answers and below are lists of the most popular ones.

The most BLACK link building strategies are:

  • automatic links from blog and forum comments (mostly by using xRumer etc.);
  • hacking websites in order to change their whole content or just to put links (ie. by using CMS bugs that allow you to get access to website);
  • cloaking (also cloaking of hacked websites).

Some of less popular, but also worth mentioning, are:

  • getting dofollow links (with exact-match anchor texts) from free plugins and themes;
  • distributing false press release, ie. about the death of a well known person (and after some time creating 301 to the destination address) – that’s the one that surprised me the most;
  • trying to hurt competitors (ie. by getting spammy links to it).

The most WHITE link building strategies are:

  • creating great website with high quality content;
  • link baiting by creating posts such as top lists, infographics, free ebooks etc.;
  • quest blogging.

The most interesting ideas, apart from those mentioned above, are:

  • relationship link building;
  • creating website with user-generated content that users will want to link to;
  • offering help for startups in exchange for link.

And what do you think are the most black and white ways to get links to your site? Which ideas from the lists above would you use, and which of them are the last thing you could even think about, not to mention to use them?