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SEO In 2013 – What Does A Safe Anchor Text Profile Look Like? [guest post]

  • Post published on 26 Mar 2013 by John Vlasakakis

With the current buzz around the SEO world about the next Google Penguin update which Matt Cutts has mentioned will be one the most talked about updates in 2013. A lot of SEO specialists have asked what an anchor text profile should like. Below is a tried and tested anchor text profile which is safe not only for this next Penguin Update but for all other updates to come.

But first it is important to understand what an unnatural profile looks like

For a website to trigger this penalty one of two things will have happened, the site has a very bad ratio of backlinks heavily focused around a keyword of phrase, or the site had links from very unnatural sources. Most websites get penalised because of over optimisation.

Over optimisation occurs when websites are too focused on one keyword. For example many SEO companies have been penalised because the backlinks to the site are focused on one keyword, eg-SEO, if the anchor text distribution for an SEO domain is 25% on the keyword SEO and other phrases including SEO in it then it is clear that the site is not acquiring natural links.

What A Natural Profile Looks Like?

A natural anchor text profile should not be heavily focused around keywords but rather mention the brand name, for example my SEO company GMG SEO, or link to your site with the URL

If the majority of your links come brand or URL mention is shows Google you are an authority for your niche. The exact match keyword you are trying to rank for should never be more than 15% of your total backlinks. The content around your link is what is going to determine what your site should rank for going forward, this is known as co-citation link building and it is vital for SEO in 2013.

The below pie chart shows a natural profile.
The key thing to remember with SEO is that it is a long term strategy don’t cut corners. Acquire links from diverse sources and diversify your backlinks to last for many years to come.

John Vlasakakis

John Vlasakakis is the SEO manager at GMG SEO, with over 8 years experience working on SEO strategies for the largest Australian companies, he can be reached on Twitter and Google +.

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