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Which links are relevant to Google

  • Post published on 20 Mar 2013 by Marta Gryszko

During one of the last-year meetings with John Mueller, it was clarified which links are followed by Google, and which are ignored. Below is the scheme presented during the hangout along with a short summary.
Google counts links:

  • from page A to page B, if both allow their indexation in Google;
  • from page A with the metatag noindex to page B – the search engine wants to have access to the largest amount of links, therefore, to insert the metatag noindex on the page means only that a particular page is no longer displayed in search results. However, Google will store its copy and count the links coming out from such a page.
  • from page A to page B, the access to which was blocked in the robots.txt file – that’s why after removing the blockade from robots.txt such page B will be able to transfer PR that it has got before;
  • from page A in English to page B in French – the general idea is that the linking from pages in different languages is efficient.

Google does not count links:

  • from page A with the header 404 to page B;
  • from page A to page B with the header 404;
  • from page A that blocks the bot access in the file robots.txt to page B – Google is not able to download the contents of a page it has no access to;
  • from page A with the tag nofollow to page B.

A complete video from the meeting is available at YouTube.

It’s quite interesting as not all of us know how to block passing PR from one page to another. Now we have a short summary of the most important information about it.

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